The time has come

The time has come

We made it.  I made it.  The image above has nothing to do with school, but it has everything to do where I want to be as I write this!

This blog post means that I have officially finished my final project with Learn/FlatIron Software Engineering school and ready to get coding!  

This final project was tough.  Combining Rails, React and Redux into a project that has a blazing fast front end with a solid API backend.  All in all, I finished and I learned a ton!  

For me, I still have a lot left to tackle when it comes to this stack and plan to focus my attention on React.js and Vanilla JS.  

Redux showed to be the hardest piece of this project for me.  Reducers and state were a challenge and i'm confident there is more to optimize with my final project.  

In the future, I plan to continue building out the features of this project and launch it on a domain just for fun!  I will post an update to this blog post once a heroku install has been created!  Stay tuned!

Thanks Flat Iron! Its been a blast.