Hello. I'm Chase.

I am a business owner, leader, developer, and problem solver with a love for people, technology, music, bourbon and coffee. I have had the privilege of working with clients ranging from start-ups to non-profits to seasoned organizations that all bring something challenging to the table. Meeting interesting people, building strong relationships, and helping them to shape their digital products and online presence is what makes getting up for work everyday an exciting proposition for me.

My goal is always to improve the way people create and use technology, transforming industries one project at a time. I spend a large part of my life learning new things and honing new skills in an effort to evolve not only on a personal level, but also my skill set and understanding of technology.

Professionally speaking, I am a Co-Founder of Spacetime (we have some awesome clients), I work with a sweet startup StudioHop Fitness, and I play guitar for the Jared Wood Band. More importantly, I am a husband, a father and an aspiring reader. I own a Vizsla, I drive a Tundra, I love my church, and have a passion for the outdoors (cycling, sport, hunting and camping). I reside in Plano, Texas and I would love to hear from you.